Children’s Electric Christmas Parade

Thanks to everyone for making this year’s parade a success. Special thanks to all of our Great Sponsors. Save the date for 2024…December 7, 2024. See you all there.

The Children’s Electric Christmas Parade is a community event that we put on for our neighbors, not a fundraiser. Without the support of our community, we would not be able to spread holiday cheer to families in our area.

A big thank you to the Clovis Veterans Memorial District which has again committed to the top parade sponsorship.

Parade Rules
  • Parade entries must be decorated with holiday lights and decorations.
  • No Santa’s allowed in the Parade, except for the “official Santa” designated by the Parade sponsors.
  • Applicants are required to distribute the parade rules to all participants in their entry.
  • Electrical wires and connections on Parade entries must be safe and in good repair. No Open Flames are allowed!
  • All adult supervisors marching in the Parade must be part of the holiday theme and dressed in costumes and/or lights.
  • All Support Personnel need to have proper ID visible.
  • No drugs/alcoholic beverages, or smoking of any kind allowed.
  • Proof of insurance for vehicles participation in the Parade is required with submission of the entry application.
  • All entrants must sign and submit indemnification agreements with their entry application.
  • Entrants must abide by all safety instructions provided by Parade Coordinators.
  • Entrants must gather outside the Parade staging area and arrive at the staging area as a group.
  • Late arriving vehicle entrants will not be allowed to enter the staging area or closed streets.
  • Car club entries must abide by street safety laws.
  • The height limit for vehicle/float entries is 13’6”.
  • All float, vehicle, or trailer entries designed to carry riders must have protective shields covering the wheels – no open wheels.
  • Entries with power generators must have the generator securely fastened and must have a fire extinguisher easily accessible to an adult rider. Extinguisher must be visible and checked in when entering. No combustibles may be placed next to a power source on Parade entries.
  • Hay/straw may be used on vehicle/float entries if in complete bales and located in the center of the vehicle/float/trailer.
  • Children may not ride on edges of open flatbed trucks or trailers.
  • Entrants must remain seated on all vehicle entries.
  • No items, including candy or paper goods, may be thrown or handed out along the parade route.
  • Entrants must take with them all items brought to the event at the end of the parade, including hay, animal droppings, paper, etc.
  • The Kiwanis Club of Old Town Clovis reserves the right to exclude/remove entrants whose conduct or entry violate Parade criteria or pose safety concerns.
  • The Kiwanis Club of Old Town Clovis reserves the right to reschedule the date of or cancel the Parade in the event of poor weather conditions OR other events beyond their control. In the event of a Parade cancellation, no refunds of entry fees will be provided.